If you are considering getting a facelift done, it is vital for you first to determine how much it will cost. Your face lift price is a big influencing factor in your decision to proceed with the surgery. A facelift is done to keep the signs of aging at bay. It refers to a surgical procedure that reduces the signs of aging in the neck and face.

Face lift costs, and are they covered by your insurance company?

When it comes to the average face lift cost in the USA, it comes approximately to $7467 or so. This figure is as per the 2019 statistics released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Note the average face lift costs are not the total price- it is just a part of the price and does not include the rates you pay for the operating theatre, anesthesia, and other associated costs.

The surgeon’s fee for the face lift

The fee you pay your surgeon for the facelift will depend upon his/her experience, the nature of the procedure used, and the clinic’s location. You should note that several health insurance policies will not offer you cover for the facelift surgery or its associated complications if they arise. However, there are several clinics and plastic surgeons in the USA that offer you patient financing and payment plans so that you can ask them and find out about the available options.

You need to incur the following expenses for the face lift beside the surgeon’s fee-

  • The costs of the surgical facility or the hospital
  • The fees for anesthesia
  • The medications
  • The garments you wear after the surgery in the hospital
  • Medical tests

Be sure to keep aside some funds in case of complications after the surgery arise. Different people have different reactions, so it is prudent to keep some money in hand if you need to incur extra costs during the recovery period.

Other factors for you to consider besides the costs of the face lift

When it comes to the facelift procedure, there are other factors that you should consider. They are listed below-

  1. The comfort levels with your surgeon- You must be comfortable and safe with your surgeon before the surgery. You should have faith and clear all your doubts and concerns with the surgeon so that you have complete peace of mind on the final day.


  1. The experience and the skills of the surgeon must be taken into account. You mustrequest the surgeon to how you both before and after photos of past clients to get a clear understanding of the levels of skills and professionalism the surgeon has. The results you get from the surgery should be natural-looking, so take time to choose your surgeon with care.

When it comes to facelift costs, the surgery price is not the only thing you should consider. Take the above factors into consideration to ensure you get the best results and naturally look younger than your years with success!




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